P umucu) Suppose a firm has market power when it sells the food, spanakopita. This firm wants to engage in quantity-dependent pricing. The firm prices the first 5 units at $10 each. After that, each unit is priced at only $5 each. The individual demand for spanakopita is given by: Qp = 20 – P. 20) Determine the number of units an individual buy at $10. 5 units. 21) Determine the total number of units an individual would buy. _15 units. 22) True, False or Uncertain. The firm could increase revenues by increasing the number of units a person purchases at $10 to 8 units. _True Suppose the firm, Ventronix, has market power and wants to engage in a two-part tariff for its product. Ventronix's total cost function is given by: TC = 10 + 49. The individual demand for its product is given by: Qp = 100 – 10P. 23) Determine the price that the firm charge for the fixed fee: _ _$180 24) Determine how many units will customers who pay the fixed fee purchase: units

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