our answer should be between 500-800 words (total for all questions). 200 points.
What did the ancient Greeks value? According to the textbook and the documents, what is the Greek perspective? Where do you see evidence of the Greek perspective in Greek philosophy and history? Specifically, where do you see evidence of the Greek perspective in the writings of Plato and Aristotle (as well as in the other documents and the text)? Explain Plato’s example about the people in the cave. Make sure to use the textbook and the documents and no outside sources. I do expect you to use and cite material from the text and the documents.

• Ch. 3 Hist 25 Aristotle will.pdf (21.823 KB)
• Ch. 3 Hist 25 Aristotle.pdf (35.294 KB)
• Ch. 3 Plato Republic Philospher King.doc (34 KB)
• Ch. 3 Plato Republic Shadows.doc (36 KB)
• Ch. 3 Thucydides on Pericles.doc (47.5 KB)

Chapter outline
File craig_9e_ch03.ppt

A Typical Grading Scale For Writing Assignments
Total Points: 200
Style appropriate for history writing: 20
Clear, direct thesis statements for all questions: 20
Logical paragraph organization: 20
Logical sentence organization: 20
Judgments substantiated with evidence: 40
Critical analysis of topic(s): 20
Clear, active-voice, sentences: 20
All questions answered directly: 20
Avoidance of jargon and clichés: 20 ……. …..

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