OOP(JAVA) – Inheritance A point in the x-y plane is represented by itsx-coordinate and y-coordinate. Design the classPoint that can store and process a point in the x-y plane.You should then perform operations on a point, such as showing thepoint, setting the coordinates of the point, printing thecoordinates of the point, returning the x-coordinate, andreturning the y-coordinate. Every circle has a center and a radius. Given the radius, we candetermine the circle’s area and circumference. Given the center, wecan determine its position in the x-y plane. The center ofa circle is a point in the x-y plane. Design the classCircle that can store the radius and center of the circle. Becausethe center is a point in the x-y plane and you designedthe class to capture the properties of a point above, you mustderive the class Circle from the class Point. You should be able toperform the usual operations on a circle, such as setting theradius, printing the radius, calculating and printing the area andcircumference, and carrying out the usual operations on thecenter. Every cylinder has a base and height, where the base is acircle. Design the class Cylinder that can capture the propertiesof a cylinder and perform the usual operations on a cylinder.Derive this class from the class Circle designed above. Some of theoperations that can be performed on a cylinder are as follows:calculate and print the volume, calculate and print the surfacearea, set the height, set the radius of the base, and set thecenter of the base. Attached

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