Occupational Health Privacy

Slp 3

We have covered patient confidentiality in our previous courses. Keeping in mind the scenario from Module 1 and Sara’s situation: Discuss healthcare workers’ privacy and confidentiality in ensuring all workers are safe in the worksite? Describe the role of the manager versus a leader in this scenario and how this situation should be handled.

Length: 3 pages, excluding title page and references.

REQUIREMENTS hunt Boulanger R. F.  M. R. & Benatar  S. R. (2016). Where caring is sharing: Evolving ethical considerations in tuberculosis prevention among healthcare workers. Clinical Infectious Diseasschool 62(suppl 3) S268-S274. description 3 pages, Double Spacing  Trident University International BHS499 3pgs refs and cite, include the above source outline This is related to the previous task u have done Answer preview…………..

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