o r de except for the last one where a lower Notes for all of the numerical attributes, a higher val rents more durable Which alteratives can be eliminated using D eve l open your answer b. Which alternatives can be limited using S ing plan your answer cUse Lexicography to choose the best alternat order of importance: 1. Weather 2.401K Rent i ng the following ranking of the attbutes in the a l Climate 5. Career. Explain your answer. atives? To choose the best alternative? Explain d. Can the Dominance method bened to your answer Acceptable Alternative Alternative Range 100 Greater than 60 Attributes Alternative 1 Social Climate 85 Career Weather Good 401K 16 $29,000 Greater than 6 Good Poor Good-Excellent 18 Greater than 17 Under $30,000 Rent $19,000 $32,000 A – BI O E = % % %

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