Number of Pages: 5 (Double Spaced)

Writing Style: APA

Number of sources: 10

The NAADAC Ethical Code has 10 principles that specifically guide addictions counselors. Discuss FIVE of the principles that you feel are most essential to the effective treatment of addictions, and how these principles will impact upon your work as a clinician. How might these principles be influenced by the type of setting in which you work? What might be some of the ethical, legal, individual or socio-cultural implications of these five principles to your work as a clinician? Be sure to include your rationale for your choices, and fully support your position by providing citations by peer reviewed references.
USE PEER REVIEWED REFERENCES ONLY! DATED 2008-2014 ONLY! No references over 5 years old

THESE ARE THE FIVE PRINCIPLES I WANT TO USE IN THE PAPER PLEASE: They are from the NAADAC Code of Ethics for Addiction Professionals

Principle One: The Counseling Relationship

It is the responsibility of the addiction profressional to safeguard the integrity of the counseling relationship and to ensure that the client is provided with beneficial services.

Principle Two: Evaluation, Assessment and Interpretation of Client Data

The addiction professional uses assessment instruments as one component of the counseling/treatment and referral process taking into account the client’s personal and cultural background.

Principle Three: Confidentiality/Privileged Communication and Privacy

Addiction professionals shall provide information to clients regarding confidentiality and any reasons for releasing information in adherence with confidentiality laws.

Principle Four: Professional Responsibility

The addiction professional espouses objectivity and integrity and maintains the highest standards in the services provided.

Principle Five: Working in a Culturally Diverse World

An addiction professional understands the significance of the role that ethnicity and culture plays in an individual’s perceptions and how he or she lives in the world. ……. …..

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