Note: Explain each
question detailed 

1There are six characteristics a
substance must display in order to be classified as a mineral Explain those
six characteristics

2 Define the terms relative dating
and absolute dating and explain the difference between the two How are the two
methods used?

3 Earth has several “just
right” features that allow it to support life and make it the only planet
we know of to do so What are the features of the Earth that make it unique
among the planets in its ability to support life?

4 Explain the conditions under which
stresses acting on a rock will lead to the rock’s deformation Explain the
difference between brittle fracture and ductile flow

5 Describe three types of convergent
plate boundaries and what happens to the plates involved in each type

the difference between the continental shield and the stable platform

7 Describe the following terms: crust,
core, mantle, lithosphere, asthenosphere

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