Individual Assignment:Short Answer Paper with Nonprofit Revenue Matrix (You can find this word document in your materials tabs.)1) Select any nonprofit organization. It could be the one you currently work for or one that you are familiar with, or one that you can locate some information on from different sources, such as the internet.2) Complete short answer responses for the following questions:(Don’t forget to answer all of these questions)· What sector does the organization belong to?· Summarize the organizations purpose.· How has the way in which nonprofit organizations acquire funding changed over recent years?· What implications do you see this having on the organization you have analyzed? Consider who is giving to organizations and the criteria that must be met to obtain funding(While I am not assigning a specific word count to this assignment, in order to get full credit, you will need to provide an answer that provides enough substance to speak to the subject at hand.)3) Complete the Nonprofit Organization Revenue Origin “Matrix· For the agency that you selected, completethe Nonprofit Organization Revenue Origin Matrix located on your student Web site. This is simply a “table” in a word document – type right into the blank spaces of the “grid” or matrix. Save the word document, along with the answers to the questions to your computer all on one document.When completing your matrix, evaluate the pros and cons associated with the different sources of revenue available to a nonprofit organization.Type your answers into the boxes in the matrix.o Please submit as ONE document. Turn the entire assignment (Matrix and short answer responses all in one document) into your assignment section.

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