Non Profit: Families First Weaver Gardens
1. Marketing Plan Complete a formal social marketing plan for an existing non-profit agency of your choice to help facilitate expansion and growth. The plan should not exceed 25 pages. A good starting place may be start-ups that lack resources for developing a formal marketing plan. Your role is a consultant for the agency. Students must use actual budget figures and work with the existing organizational mission (if necessary, students may consider revising the existing missions).

Identify an organization dealing with an important societal need you particularly care about. I recommend that you begin your project by looking at the websites and annual reports of nonprofit organizations to understand their organizational design, offerings, and target audiences.

In your marketing plan, you should:
1. Identify the mission and vision statements for the organization and briefly
describe basic services it has been providing during the last 6 months of operation.

2. Analyze the organizational environments:
a. Internal environments
• Review organizational goals and objectives
• Describe the organizational culture

b. External analysis
• List and briefly describe all clients, donors, volunteers, board members, and others
• Describe the competition faced by this organization (please, do research on similar local nonprofit and for profit organizations operating in the same service area)
• Point out various aspects of the current macroeconomic situation and how they may affect the organization

3. Formulate your core marketing strategy (e.g., new markets? new offerings?)

4. Describe marketing research you plan to undertake to gain an understanding of how your target audience makes decisions about changing their behavior according to your organizational desires. Based on common sense and any online information you can find, make preliminary assumptions about the character of their decision-making (e.g., who are the decision-makers? How, when, where, and why do these potential consumers use or may use the services?), latest trends in demand (is the demand for services growing or declining?) and social, cultural, and economic characteristics of consumers.

5. From you research, provide some ideas and a rationale for market segmentation.
6. Identify the ‘brand for your organization (name, logo, detailed positioning message).

7. Describe the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion).
• Are you planning on developing a new product or improving the style, or packaging of your current product? What sources of data will you consider to guide your ideas for a new product?
• Price – what pricing techniques will you use?
• Based on the character of your offering and the traits of your target audiences, how will you be reaching your audiences?
• Promotion: What messages would you want to send and what media would you use?

8. How will you assess the effectiveness of marketing activities?

9. Describe the implementation plan (responsibilities, tasks, and timeline).

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