Need assistance with web development

Please provide screen shot of power point

The next step of the Development Life Cycle is the Design Step.

1) When designing any web site, you should first discover what the competition is doing. Go onto the Internet and look for other Portfolio and/or resume sites.

Using Microsoft Word, list the URL of (at least) 3 sites you have found. List what you like about the site and what you don't like. Also indicate what ideas you might use from that site for your site. Drop this write up in the dropbox (click the link above), The document should be saved as project101 must be either a docx or pdf file.

2) You now want to make a rough design (not code) of the pages of your site. Don't worry you can change your design later if you decide you don't like it.

Using Microsoft PowerPoint, you will design a prototype of your site.

This format should include:

Logo/Title Bar (commonly called the header), Menu (links to other pages on the site, usually located under the header or on the left side of the page, a content area (to the right or bellow the menu), and a footer (bottom of the page). Your design should include any color scheme you choose. Remember it must look professional.

If you are still having difficulty understanding what is needed, do a search on the Internet for “web site prototypes”. Look at the designs, not the different tools used. You are required to use PowerPoint to complete this part of the assignment.

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