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This discussion includes 5 choices about pulmonary disorders and renal/urologic disorders. Select 1 topic from each of the following groups to discuss: Discussion Topic – Group A Choices: Mr. Rusch is being evaluated for multiple pulmonary emboli. What risk factors and clinical findings are commonly associated with pulmonary emboli? What are the similarities and differences between emphysema and chronic bronchitis? Discussion Topic – Group B Choices: Ms. Cornwall is admitted with pyelonephritis. She has chills, and her temperature is 101° F. She is complaining of flank pain, frequency, and dysuria. Her urine has white blood cell casts, and her urine culture is growing Escherichia coli. Why does she have bacteria and white blood cell casts in her urine? What are the differences when comparing prerenal acute renal failure, intrarenal acute renal failure, and postrenal acute renal failure? Give examples of each. Explain what causes kidney stones to form, and identify the goals in treating renal calculi.

Support your response with at least 2 APA-cited scholarly references. One of the references must include UpToDate.

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