Milano Pizza is a small neighborhood pizzeria that has a small area for in-store dining as well as offering take-out and free home delivery services. The pizzeria's owner has determnined that the shop has two major cost drivers-the number of pizzas sold and the number of deliveries made. Data conceming the pizzeria's costs appearbelow Cost per Pizza 4.00 Cost per Delivery Fixed Cost per Month Pizza ingredients Kitchen staff 6,270 10 790 Utilities 2.90 2.10 Delivery person Delivery vehicle Equipment depreciation Rent Miscellaneous 810 544 2.230 S 05 910 In November, the pizzeria budgeted for 2,100 pizzas at an average selling price of $17 perpizza and for 240 deliveries Data conceming the pizzeria's operations in November appearbelow Actusl Results 2.200 220 Pizzas Deliveries Revenue Pizza ingredients Kitchen staff $38,130 $10,450 $6.210 S 975 S 638 $1,022 Equipment depreciatons 544 $2.230 S898 Utilities Delivery person Delivery vehicle Rent Miscellaneous Required 1. Complete the fexible budget performance report that shows both revenue and spendng variances and activity vaiances for the pizzers forNovember (Indicate the effect of each variance by selecting “F” for favorableU” for unfavorable, and “None” for no effectli.e zero variance) Input all amounts as positive values)

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