Questions to guide your response are below. Take the approach of the HR Director for the bank responding to the President of the bank who is concerned of the ramifications. You may draw upon any references as well as any chapters of our text. Two or three extra references are expected. Limit to four pages or less. Cite any references in APA format.1. What type of case do you believe June Jones should try to bring forward, sexual harassment, gender bias, or other? What laws may apply to this situation?2. Should the bank approach J.P. Jones’ new command in an attempt to rein in Mrs. Jones? Why or why not?3. What jurisdictions may exist to handle Mrs. Jones’ threatened suit? What are some of the actions the bank needs to take to increase the probability of a ruling in their favor in the event that Mrs. Jones’ suit goes to adjudication?4. What interview questions could have been asked at Mrs. Jones’ initial job interview to determine if she had the tendency to create turmoil?5. What might be the HR role in the bank to improve the post-Mrs.Jones attititude? How might HR get the word out about the progress of this matter?6. If you were Mrs. Jones’ former supervisor and you received a job reference request regarding her from another bank in Mississippi, what kind of responses might you make? What are the potential problems with the response you would want to make? How would you expect an HR professional to respond?7. Briefly discuss the challenges faced an HR department in checking out the references provided by an applicant. Do you expect to glean much valuable information in these checks of previous employers and personal references? How should you interpret the results?8. Do you think there is a chance Mrs. Jones may prevail in her case to sue for bias? What steps should be taken to enhance the likelihood of keeping your firm clear of liability? What might you advise me to tell my cousin?9. Do you have any other observations regarding this matter? What other information do you think you might be available to support HR action (i.e., what might not be apparent from the brief description of this case?)?

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