questionld=1&flushed=false&cld=5856348&.centerwin=yes ACCT 601: ACCOUNTING FOR DECISION MAKING AND CONTROL Morgan McCombs : 01/31/20 9: Homework: Module 2 Assignment Score: 0 of 5 pts 1 of 5 (0 complete) HW Score: 0%, 0 E4-36 (book/static) Question He Costs are either direct or indirect depending on whether they can be traced to a cost object and either variable or fixed depending on whether they vary with changes in volume. Consider the following 10 items (Click the icon to view the items.) Requirement 1. Classify each item as direct (D) or indirect (I) and as variable (V) or fixed (F). For each of the 10 items you will have two answers, D or I and Vor F. Item Dor I? Vor F? 1. Factory rent 2. Salary of a factory storeroom clerk 3. Cement for a road builder 4. Supervisor training program 5. Abrasives (e.g., sandpaper)

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