Brokerage Accounts (1000) Assets ($ billions)Ameritrade 428 19.5Charles Schwab 2500 219.0Datek 205 5.5Discover 134 5.9DLJ Direct 590 11.2E* Trade 909 21.1Fidelity 2300 160.0National Discount Brokers 125 6.8Suretrade 130 1.3TD Waterhouse 615 38.8(a) Does the wording of the initial question in this exercise indicate which variableshould be treated as the response?(b) Construct a scatterplot with Assets on the vertical axis and Accounts on thehorizontal axis.(c) Comment on the form, direction, and strength of the relationship between Assetsand Accounts.(d) Two brokerages stand out from the rest of the data. Identify these two brokeragesby putting their names near their respective data points in your scatterplot.

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