Here is e feedback from my professor for last paper u did for me. My assignment are informative, however you have not fully addressed all of the following required task. You were ask to fully address the following task like I told all in the live chat. Calculating the mean, median, range and standard deviation of body fat and body weight of men using Silver Gym: Interpreting the results; performing hypothesis test based on the Gym’s manager claim that the average body fat of the men at the Gym is 20% by setting up hypothesis, calculating the P value versus the level of error, and making a conclusion; Notice that all of your calculated values are correct. However inside the word document you have not provided research based definitions of the concepts, based on instructors comments and you have not interpreted most of the calculated results.  In part 2 you have stated the hypothesis but your alternate hypothesis is incorrect for two tailed test. You were asked to provide research based definition of hypothesis testing. No references or cities.

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