P1-4A Mark Miller started his own delivery service, Miller Deliveries, on June 1,2008. The fol-lowing transactions occurred during the month of June. June 1 Mark invested $10,000 cash in the business. 2 Purchased a used van for deliveries for $12,000. Mark paid $2,000 cash and signed a note payable for the remaining balance. 3 Paid $500 for office rent for the month. 5 Performed $4,400 of services on account. 9 Withdrew $200 cash for personal use. 12 Purchased supplies for $150 on account. 15 Received a cash payment of $1,250 for services provided on June 5. 17 Purchased gasoline for $100 on account. 20 Received a cash payment of $1,500 for services provided. 23 Made a cash payment of $500 on the note payable. 26 Paid $250 for utilities. 29 Paid for the gasoline purchased on account on June 17. 30 Paid $1,000 for employee salaries.

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