Major Manuoripts, Ino. 2012 Inoome Statement $17,100 Net salee 11,200 Cost of goods sold Depreciation 4,250 Earnings before interest and taces 350 Interest paid $3,900 Taxable income Taxes L300 $2.600 Net inoome Dividends $950 Major Manuseripts, Inc. 2012 Balance Sheet 2012 2012 Cash S1,040 Aecounts payable $3350 Acconsts rec T00 Loag-tarm deh 2.780 Inventory 7.500 Common stock 10,000 Total 9240 Retained earnings 4.510 Net fised assets IL400 Total asets S20.640 Total liahelties & equity $20.640 Required a IfMajor Manscripts, Inc decides to maintain a constart debt-equity ratio, what rate of growth can it maintain assuming that no additional extemal equity finanaing is available? Words: 3.340 almle 23

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