Maintain a positive home-school partnership

250-500 w0rds

One of the most powerful tools you have and one of the biggest challenges you will face, as an early childhood professional, is the relationship you have with children and families. One obstacle that early childhood professionals face is how to encourage family members to be actively involved and engaged. Chapters 4 and 5 of the course textbook discuss the importance of early childhood educators making connections with families. Read both chapters and reflect on how an educator’s relationship with a family can have a positive impact on a child’s education.

For this discussion write an article for a newsletter or website that you would share with families or other early childhood education professionals to explain how you create and maintain a positive home-school . In your article be sure to include

The role that families play in their children’s and development.

How, from the perspective of your professional role, you communicate with families on a weekly basis.

Suggestions of how families can be actively engaged and involved in learning environments.

At least three recommendations for families to support the home-school partnership.

At least two resources that justify the positive impacts home-school partnerships can have on a child’s learning and development Added to cart

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