LOW US& Epated demior LA COMMITS FRAUD AND WiY THE PROFILE AND PSYCHOLOGY OF THE FRAUDSTEs WHO We have eight types of assignments for instructors to choose from aCrical Thinking Review Queions Muliple Cholce Questions d. Fraad Cashook wh off the u employee's Poss newac The more en ac the asso The beher hat dap oh satlof G Emp ahle n Hollingces srong pr 7 e ters of i a enployee A Amy pen an organ s Only ru C Any tn P Resped &The differes A The m C Whes One of of fraud i A The The C The D No Financ pressum MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS FRAU 1. Select the statement that best describes organizational versas organiaed WorldCa Read the case and crime A. Organizational and organized crime are essentially the same- both center on crimes committed by organizations B. Some of the crimes typically associated with organiaed crime include money laundering, mail and wire fraud, conspiracy, and racketeering C. Organized crime occurs when otherwise legitimate and law- abiding organizations are involved in a criminal offfense D Some of the crimes typically associated with organizational crime include money laundering, mail and wire fraud, conspiracy, and racketeering 3 ldentify which of the following is sot considereda nonshareale problem from Cressey's research. A. Business revenal such as henkrpcy Losses due s gambling C. Juication of the fraad act by blaming the employer for poor work conditions D. Personal problems such as an uninsured medical claim Sources Katz, D cooper 4. In the Albrecht Fraad Scale, which of the folowing is true? A. The fraud scale adds the characteristic of caphility to the fraud Sho 1. W riangle B. The fraud scale adds the characteristic of integrity to the fraud 2. Which of the following is true with regard to Cressey's thoory of crime triangle C. The fraad scale adds the characteristic of rationalizaon so the causation? A. For a fraud to occur, only one of the fraud triangle atributes (perceived pressure, perceived opportunity, or rationalization) needs to be present B. Opportunity inclades boch the opportunity to complete the fraud and conceal it without getting caught C. Financial pressure that is shareable will nevver result in a fraud D. Rationalization is the least important attribute of the fraud fraud triangle D. The fraud scale sabstinates integrity in place of rationalization & Which of the following is got a behavioral indicator of fraud A. Buying new luxury cars or wearing expensive jewelry B. Acting iritable, defensive, or in a belligerent manner C. Not taking vacations of more than two or three days D. Failing to retain adequate financial reconds D triangle. ONCI FOL for our ade 71 Module & The Fraud Triangle in Court and the Meta-Model 6 Which of the following best describes the relationship between an employee's position and theft (according to Hollinger and Clark's wearch? A. The more expensive thefts are observed is jobs with greater access to the assets of value in the organization B. The bigher the level of employee in an organization, the less likely that employee is to steal due to higher levels of compensation and job satisfaction c. Employees with less tenare with an organization are less knowledge able about internal controls and are therefore more afraid to steal. D. Hollinger and Clark's reseanch findings suggest that income is a strong predictor of employee theft A. Investment losses by managers B. Meeting analysts' expectations. C. Deadlises and cutoffs D. Qualifying for bonuses 11. Which two adjustments are made to the fraud triangle to accommodate predators? A. The fraad triangle is not meant to differentiate hetween accidental and predator fraudsters. B. Criminal mindset and arogance substitute for pressure and ationalization. C. Predators have less pressure because they are more lakely to be involved in international money laundering and setting up shell 7 Is ens of the definition of occupational fraud and abuse, who is an employee? A Aay person who receives regular and periodic comnpensaticn from an orgasization for his or her labor B. Only rank and file workers C. Any trust violator D. Respectable business and peofessional individuals companies, particularly in foreign countries D. Criminal mindset and opportunity substitute for pressure and rationalization 12. One major difference between fraad and a mistake is A. Concealment B. Cover-up C The acti D. Coaversion (benefit so the perpetrator) s. The difference between fraud and errors is A. The materiality of the value involved B. Intent of those involved C. Whether it alfocts owners' equity or not -D. All of the choices are coroct 13 Ose way of demoesrating that an act was fraud and not a mistake is by A. Demonstrating that the employee concealed the act B. Showing that there were multiple incidents of the same act C. The desaruction of evidentiary documents that describe the act D. All of the sbove 9. One of the most important conaributions of criminology to the study of fraud is: A. The M.ICE concept. -B. The fraud triangle C. The relationship of punishment to remediation D. None of the above 14. Large fraud perpetrators are more likely to use the money for all of the following except A. To purchase new homes B. To pay for expensive vacations C. To support extramarital affairs Fisancial statement fraud is often aribued so pressares. These D To pay taxes pressures include all of the following except: uhs 02). sate Chaplet ing All multiple chaice queshions please thanks for ate

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