Loss and Consolation in Anne Bradstreet’s Poetry
Prologue “My hand a needle better fits” She detests those who believe women are not capable to write good poetry. She mainly refers to men since she lived in an epoch in which women were far from achieving goals. She hates the fact that even if her poetry is quite good, people will argue that she either stole it or was lucky to come up with it by accident. “Foolish”, “broken” and “blemished” She uses these words to illustrate her humbleness. She writes in the context of the custom of her period of time. Women were reserved and did not have strong opinions.
Before the Birth of One of Her Children “Dear remains” These are her children as she sees her death in childbirth approaching. Joyfulness is usually matched by sorrow. “Stepdame’s injury” She feels nostalgia by knowing that she will not be able to take care of her children and someone else will take her role as a mother, who might mistreat her children. Sense of fear and concern.

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