Topic: Choose one of the following questions and answer it completely and thoroughly for your initial thread: What are some of the challenges and benefits of companies being environmentally conscious? (ch.10)Briefly describe acid rain. Do you think a command-and-control, or market-based regulatory approach would work better to reduce acid rain emissions, and why? (ch.11)Do you think businesses should voluntarily undertake environmental improvement efforts, beyond those required by law? Why or why not? (ch.11)What fuels technological growth, and is this growth global or its it isolated to a few countries? (ch.12)Should all businesses venture into e-commerce, or is it better for only certain types of businesses? (ch. 12)Is information on the Internet truly free, or should copyrighted music or software be protected? (ch. 13)Is tissue engineering and cloning an improvement for humans or a threat to humans? (ch. 13)

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