1. During a domestic quarrel a wife continually taunted her husband by degrading him and telling him he was a “lousy lover” and that she wanted to be rid of him. When the husband tried to persuade her to relent she continued to taunt him in a louder voice. Finally, he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her. As a result she died. The husband was convicted of second-degree murder. On appeal he argues his actions were taken during a “fit of passion” and seeks to have his conviction reduced from second-degree murder to manslaughter. Is he likely to succeed? Why or why not?2. Would prostitution be more injurious or less injurious to the public health, welfare, and morality if it were legalized and regulated?3. Do the federal statutes making it unlawful to deprive persons of their civil rights under color of law have a significant deterrent effect on misconduct of law enforcement personnel? Or do these statutes hamper effective police action?
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