Krepps Corporation produces a single product. Last year, Krepps manufactured 27,540 units and sold 22,200 units. Production costs for the year were as follows: Direct materials $ 214,812 Direct labor $ 121,176 Variable manufacturing overhead $ 239,598 Fixed manufacturing overhead $ 302,940

Sales totaled $1,098,900 for the year, variable selling and administrative expenses totaled $115,440, and fixed selling and administrative expenses totaled $176,256. There was no beginning inventory. Assume that direct labor is a variable cost.

The contribution margin per unit was: (Round your intermediate calculations to 2 decimal places.)

Multiple Choice

$23.40 per unit

$28.60 per unit

$18.90 per unit

$24.50 per unit

Corbel Corporation has two divisions: Division A and Division B. Last month, the company reported a contribution margin of $47,800 for Division A. Division B had a contribution margin ratio of 25% and its sales were $235,000. Net operating income for the company was $35,700 and traceable fixed expenses were $55,400. Corbel Corporation's common fixed expenses were:

Multiple Choice





Multiple Choice





Multiple Choice





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