Projected cost information for a new product to be produced by Kolier Manufacturing is as follows:Expected variable unit costs:direct materials 10.90direct labor 7.18Overhead 1.92selling costs 4.0annual fixed costs:taxes on property used 8,870depreciation on building and equipment 18,920advertising 38,840other 2,070the product is to be sold for $49a) compute the number of units that must be sold to earn a profit of 80,000.b) compute the number of units that must be sold if advertising costs rise by 12,000 and a targeted profit of 120,000 is to be obtained.c) use the original information and sales of 10,000 units to compute the new selling price that the company must use to obtain a profit of 200,000.d) the most in annual sales that could be projected is 20,000 units. determine the added amount that could be spent on fixed advertising costs if the highest possible selling price that mangament believes can be charged is $50 and if there is a targeted profit of $225,000.

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