Key financial figures for Research In Motion’s fiscal year ended February 27, 2010, follow.


1. What is the total amount of assets invested in Research In Motion?

2. What is Research In Motion’s return on assets? Its assets at February 28, 2009, equal $8,101 (in millions).

3. How much are total expenses for Research In Motion for the year ended February 27, 2010?

4. Does Research In Motion’s return on assets seem satisfactory if competitors average an 18% return? Fast Forward

5. Access Research In Motion’s financial statements (Form 10-K) for fiscal years ending after February 27, 2010, from its Website ( or from the SEC Website ( and compute its return on assets for those fiscal years. Compare the February 27, 2010, fiscal year-end return on assets to any subsequent years’ returns you are able to compute, and interpret the results.


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