In a learning diary, students are expected to critically analyse, discuss and comment their own learning during the course. This discussion should be based on lectures, seminars and other assignments. The main emphasis should be on the student’s own experiences and learning. You can prepare for the learning diary during the course as follows: ? Consider your prior knowledge: What knowledge and experience do you have already in the beginning? ? Take notes of the lectures and other learning events. ? Keep a memo of your experiences during the course. What was challenging, what did you learn? ? Seek support material e.g. from the internet. ? Reflect your learnings during the course on your prior knowledge: what new has emerged? Structure your report as follows: 1. Cover sheet with the following information (MANDATORY): ? Date ? Course code ? Title for your unique report ? Your name ? E-mail address ? Student number ? Table of contents 2. Introduction (MANDATORY) 3. Subchapter for each individual lecture and other learning event (MANDATORY) 4. Conclusion (MANDATORY) 5. References (if any) The recommended length of the report is about 5-7 pages (font size 11-12 pt, line spacing 1 – 1,5). Note that the length of the report is not a measure for assessment. If you use tables, figures, or appendices, each of them must have a caption and they all must be referred to from the text. In case you adopt issues directly from literature or other sources, please cite to the source and include the source in the list of references. The Learning Diary has to be uploaded into Moodle by 3 rd of May at 24:00 at latest!

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