Week 1?Journal 1.1 – Tell me what you admire about a member of your family.?Journal 1.2 – Write about a good memory from your childhood.
Journal 1.2 – If you could have native-speaker ability in one skill, which wouldyou pick and why??Journal 1.3 – Write about a good cross-cultural experience you’ve had.?Journal 2.2 – Explain why you do or do not like to read in your first language.?Journal 2.3 – Explain what you like about one of your favorite films.
Week 4?Journal 3.1 – If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be??Journal 3.2 – If you had $10,000 and a month free, where would you go and why?
Week 5?Journal 4.1 – Which would you rather have, a messy roommate or one who?borrows your things?Journal 4.3 – Write about an embarrassing moment from your past.??Journal 5.2 – Would you rather sing very well or cook very well? Explain.?Journal 5.3 – Write about a special place from your past.

– Format: ?Journals are to be typed in MS-Word 97 format only. That means the file extension will be *.doc, not *.docx. Length is a minimum of 300 words
12 journal with simple english dont take same words from the internet

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