Journalizing and posting liabilities

The general ledger of Pack-N-Ship at June 30, 2012, the end of the company’s fiscal year, includes the following account balances before adjusting entries.

Accounts payable

$ 111,000

Current portion of notes payable

Interest payable

Salary payable

Employee payroll taxes payable


Employer payroll taxes payable

Unearned rent revenue


Long–term note payable


The additional data needed to develop the adjusting entries at June 30 are as follows:

a. The long-term debt is payable in annual installments of $44,000, with the next installment due on July 31. On that date, Pack-N-Ship will also pay one year’s interest at 10%. Interest was last paid on July 31 of the preceding year. Make the adjusting entry to shift the current installment of the long-term note payable to a current liability. Also accrue interest expense at year end.

b. Gross salaries for the last payroll of the fiscal year were $4,900.

c. Employer payroll taxes owed are $810.

d. On February 1, the company collected one year’s rent of $6,300 in advance.


1. Using the four-column ledger format, open the listed accounts and insert the unadjusted June 30 balances.

2. Journalize and post the June 30 adjusting entries to the accounts that you opened. Key adjusting entries by letter.

3. Prepare the current liabilities section of the balance sheet at June 30, 2012.

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