Jacksonville State University John Taylor Gatto & School System Essay

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The link above is what the essay is to be written on. I also listed below the items that are required in the essay. No plagiarism accepted.

Essay: John Taylor Gatto

Read John Taylor Gatto’s 7 Lesson-Schoolteacher on Canvas. Address the discussion questions below in your response.

Assignment Directions:

  1. What is Gatto’s basic point?
  2. Do you agree that there is a national curriculum? Explain why you feel this way.
  3. What in this essay did you find most convincing? Why?
  4. What in this essay did you find least convincing? Why?
  5. What is a possible solution to this kind of problem?
  6. Write 2-3 pages for your response. Essays should be typed, double-spaced, and submitted to Canvas.
  7. Grades are based on completeness, clarity, quality of thought, organization, and grammar. Proofreading is encouraged.



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