ITSS 3300 Assignment 3 – Describe a Business Process (30 points)In Chapter 1 of Essentials of Business Processes and Information Systems, we introduced threekey processes—procurement, fulfillment, and production. There are a number of otherprocesses in an organization, such as those related to product development, managing people,marketing, financial control, and so on. Identify one additional process that is typical inorganizations. You may consider an organization you have worked in or here at UTD. For theprocess you choose, provide the following information:a) A description of the process;b) The purpose or desired outcome of the process (that is, what are the primary inputs tothe process and what are its outputs);c) The sequence of activities in the process, including the person/job and functional arearesponsible for completing each one;d) The data/document, and information flows associated with the process (that is, what dataand/or documents, if any, are needed to execute a given activity);e) The types of inefficiencies (delays, missing or incorrect data/documents, etc.) that arelikely when manually executing this process;f) How an enterprise system may be used to automate and execute this process.Write at least 2-4 sentences for each of the items (a) through (f), above. The total length ofyour paper should be 1-2 pages.Formatting and Submission Instructions: Compose your paper in MS Word, double-spaced, using a 12-point font, and 1-inch margins.Save your file using the following filename format: Lastname_Firstname_Assignment3You will submit your assignment by uploading your Word file in eLearning. Be sure to allowenough time for eLearning to upload your file—sometimes wireless connections can be slow orsome other technical issue may occur. Your assignment is submitted when eLearning has finisheduploading the file. Grading Criteria: Each item you are to provide is worth 5 points. Your answers and paperoverall will be assessed using the following criteria: Content: The writing showed that you understood the questions the instructor asked, you havedelivered a well-written response.Instructions: You followed all the instructions.Formatting: The document is professional and formatted correctly. The assignment will specifythe accepted length of the paper. You should always include your name on the assignment as wellas the title of the assignment.Spelling and Grammar: There are few or no spelling or grammar errors. Everyone makes mistakes;therefore, you will receive full points if there are minimal spelling and grammar errors. Use correctspelling and grammar. The instructor does check for spelling and grammatical errors. Theinstructor will not correct spelling and grammar for you, but you will lose points if it is not correct.

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