IT210 – 13097: Business Systems Analysis & Design

Final Exam – Take Home


The exam is open book/computer, but must be completed individually. Any collaboration is grounds for failure of the course. Essay responses are to be in your own words—plagiarism is grounds for failure.

Directions:Respond to each essay question in 100 – 150 words. Each question is worth 20 pts. Turn in your answers to the link on the Assignments area of Blackboard by December 16th, 9:15am.

Explain what an organization can do to facilitate collaboration and communication for corporate team projects. How does it add value to the overall project? Be specific and provide examples of applications that can be used.
In your own words, what is information? Explain how information technology is different from information systems and how businesses should consider the uses of each? Be sure to provide examples in your explanation.

Describe why relational databases are more efficient AND effective for data management in organizations. How does the task of data normalization help to achieve these goals?

Explain what Business Intelligence (BI) system tools any manager needs to know about and be able to utilize in order for her/him to bring the most value to their company.
Explain what system development is and how it fits into an organization's process management (consider integration, feasibility, outsource vs. insource, custom software vs. purchased, etc.).


Using MIS, Seventh Edition by David Kroenke.

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