It is time to renew the annual health insurance policy for employee coverage in the medical practice where you serve as administrator. The plan for the past three years has been a Blue Cross Indemnity Plan, a plan with great benefits that the employees like. The practice covers 80% of the premium regardless if it is for employee only, employee and spouse, or family. The practice also offers: – A Prescription plan which covers brand name/first generation medications – A dental plan through Delta Dental (nominal cost) – A vision plan through VSP (nominal cost) Currently 60 employees including the doctors are covered. Of these, 30 have family coverage, 20 employee/spouse, and 10 single coverage. For the past three years, the premium costs to the practice have gone up by 12%, 13.5%, and 15%. While the doctors want to continue to provide health insurance coverage for their employees, they have clearly stated that they cannot afford another double digit increase this year. You have meetings lined up with sales reps from Blue Cross, Aetna, United, and Cigna. . 1. What will be your strategy and approach to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible, while maintaining a single digit increase this year….(use concepts and types of health plans we discussed in class). Discuss the various types of plans available, and what you might do to restructure the plan, benefits, and out of pockets costs (premium and health coverage) for the employees? 2. How might you implement the Health Exchange option(Obama Care) under the Affordable Care Act? Note that the practice has more than 49 employees.

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