1) Write your response to the following question.We often hear you can lie with statistics. This is one way of saying statistics can be easily miscommunicated. Find one example of how statistics are miscommunicated and explain why there was a miscommunication and what you would do to correct this problem.2) Using probability: How can you use probability to improve your chances of winning at a casino.3) Write your responses to the following topic.Outliers: We know many types of data fall into a normal distribution with most of the observations falling toward the middle. However, sometimes data are outliers or data that are very different – larger or smaller – from the rest of the members of the sample. Think of an example in the real world of an outlier and discuss its effect.4) Write your responses to the following topic.Errors in testing: Think of one example of a Type I and Type II error in everyday life and comment on the ramifications of those errors.5) Write your responses to the following topic.Association: We know association does not imply causation, but what does this mean in your own words. Provide and discuss an example of two variables that are associated but not by a cause and effect relationship.

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