You must interview a professional in the field of IS or IT. Do not interview faculty or parent/sibling. Produce a 2 page typed paper following the syllabus directions and the directions in the attachment.  Assignment guidelines are attached.

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…………….Answer Preview……………..

Introduction (overview of the interview)

I interviewed a computer system analyst on 15th September, 2014. The interview took around forty five (45) minutes from 9.00 a.m. Bettina Davidson is an employee of Samsung Electronics Company Limited. She is a computer system analyst. I had the chance to ask her about her work experience in her position in the company. The interview took place in Washington, in United States. Below are the contact details for the interviewee (Computer system analyst).

Name: Bettina Davidson

Job title: Computer system analyst

Email address:

Phone number: +206002008546

Interview session

Interviewer: What is your current position/title?

Interviewee: Currently, I am a computer system analyst in the Samsung Electronics Company Limited. I have worked with the company….


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