International Law

Colorado and Washington have legalized the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use. Although Marijuana is considered an illegal drug under the federal Controlled Substance Act, the U.S Department of Justice announced in August 2013 that “at this time,” the federal government was, “deferring its rights to challenge” the laws passed by Colorado and Washington, given that both states had promised to create a “strict regulatory system”.

What impact might these laws have on Colorado and Washington Employers drug-resting policies and practices? Explain

Please read the statement above regarding the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes in the states of Washington and Colorado. It also contains a question regarding the potential impact that such legalization may have on employers' substance abuse policies.

In your initial post, discuss issues that may be raised in employment law and substance abuse policies with respect to the legalization of recreation and medical cannabis.

Also, Draw on any other topics such as contracts, protections against discrimination, regulatory oversight of business, or any other topic that you feel might apply to the questions asked.

Please also provide references if used. Thanks!

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