Research Paper

Interview two Human Resource Managers who work at a company or organization that has a minimum of 100 employees. Each interview will include at least the components listed below. You may add additional questions and include the answers in your paper.

In your paper, you should summarize the answers to interview questions, compare the responses, and formulate recommendations to improve the HR systems/services.

This paper should be three to five pages long, using 12 point type size, and reasonable margins.

Include the following components:

 Description of the company: services provided or products created, who are the customers receiving these services or buying the products

 Go to the company’s website. What is your impression? Is there sufficient information to understand what the company does? If you were applying for a job at this company could you easily follow the instructions?

 When you go on site what was your impression of the facility and the people you met?

 Who does the HR Manager (or the title of interviewee) report to in administrative

structure? Who reports to the HR Manager?

 What are the job titles of the individuals the HR Manager works with the most inside and outside the company?

 Does the company have a compensation philosophy regarding level of pay and types of benefits?

 Does the company recruit locally, regionally, nationally or internationally for various positions?

 What type job categories does the company recruit? Do they have problems recruiting any particular position? What is average turnover per year?

 How often does HR Manager survey salaries and benefit programs for competitive comparisons?

 What training does the company provide and how often?

 Are any of the employees unionized? If so what are the job categories included in the

union contract?

 What are the three biggest challenges facing the HR Manager during the next two years and what are the plans to overcome these challenges?

 What similarities and differences did you find between these two companies?

 If you were an HR Consultant what suggestions would you make to improve the HR services at these two companies?

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