Identify and interview a business professional with at least five (5) years of business experience. Do not interview a family member. Write a 1,500-word (approximately), single-spaced report covering the key pieces of advice you received in the interview. Choose someone working in your field of interest (i.e. accounting, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship). If you are undecided, select an interviewee in a field you think you would enjoy as a career.
The interviewee must be a working business professional who is not related to you and is not a professor at any university. S/he may be your present employer but focus on someone in middle or upper management. Speaking to a cashier at Jewel is not an interview with a marketing expert.
Your purpose is to gather advice pertinent to your first few years in that industry. Upon completing the report, you will make a presentation to the class revealing the key pieces of advice you believe your classmates would appreciate, and which would bring them great benefit (WIIFM?). Please examine the sample reports I have provided and note special instructions at the end of my hypothetical sample.

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