“indicate how the results of the research can be used. Research should not be done in a vacuum. There must be decision-making implications and/or strategic considerations involved. These decision-making implications should relate back to answering the research problem in part 1.”
Our research project or research problem is we want to know if student will utilize the campus library and its resources (including computer labs, small coffee shop, staff ,) if it were to open 24 hours. We used surveys to collect that data for the research and we used the program SPSS to find the significant between variables. The results showed that there were no significance in any of the variables to determine whether student would want a 24h library. However, on the survey majority of student said they strongly agreed on utilizing the library if it were to open past midnight. Now the decision making implications, lets say if the school wants to open the library 24hrs, it would also have to increase security, spend more money on staff, and so on. of course this is all me but you can add stuff from your own or the way you understand it.

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