Indicate how each of the twelve items below would appear on a bank reconciliation. Assume an October 31 bank statement cutoff date. Your answers whould be adjustments to the “BANK balance, “BOOK” or General Ledger balance or “NEITHER”. 10 Automatic bank deduction for insurance payment not previously recorded on company books. 11 Automatic bank deposit of social security check not previously recorded on individual's books. 12 Someone else's check was accidentally included among our canceled checks and deducted from our account. 13 Check written for $162 was recorded in books as $126. 14 Deposit of $700 was recorded by bank as only $70. 15 Automatic transfer of funds from savings account to cover overdraft. 16 Check written for $37 was recorded in books as $73. 17 Deposit of $40 recorded by us as $400. 18 Our check for $66 recorded by bank as $76. 19 Our $15 check has not yet cleared after six-month expiration period. 20 October 20, we placed a stop payment on our check dated October 19. On October 20, we added back the amount to our books (ignore stop payment service charge).

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