In this project, you will only be supporting the parsing of the above programming constructs and their representations in the
abstract syntax tree (AST). To compile (just parse for now) your j– programs, you need to run the j– command as follows:
$ $j /j – -/ bin /j – – -p P. java
which will only parse and print the AST for the program in XML format.
1. Consult Appendix C of our text for the grammar (ie, formal specification) for each new construct you will be supporting
in j–.
2. The AST output provided for each problem is meant to give you an idea as to what the AST ought to look like once
the syntactic constructs for that problem are implemented in j–. You are expected to implement the writeToStdOut()
method in the J* files for the constructs such that your AST output is something similar. The autograder will not
match your AST against ours for correctness, but instead will test if your parser parses our pass tests without errors.
Problem 1. (Long and Double Basic Types) Add support for the long and double basic types.
$ $j /j – -/ bin /j – – -p tests / BasicTypes . java
See tests/BasicTypes.ast for output.
Problem 2. (Operators) Add support for the following operators, obeying precedence rules (see Appendix C).

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