in java please Problem: you are to write a java program allowing the user to play a word game. There should be two different lists of words: a set of misspelled words and a set of words spelled correctly. Here are the steps to play the game: 1 Your program randomly selects a word from the list (it could be a word that is misspelled or a word that is spelled correctly. 2. The word will be displayed to the user 3. User needs to decide if the word is spelled correctly or not 4. If the user's answer is correct then he/she will gain one point otherwise he/she will lose a point Ask the user if he/she wants to play again If the answer is no, display the score If the answer is yes go to the step 1 5. 6. 7. How to write your program: You must have two separate files:, and 1. Create two text files using notepad. Each file should have a list of words one per line. Correct.txt will have a list of the words (20) spelled correctly. b. Incorrect.txt should have a list of words (20) spelled incorrectly a. 2. You can use arrays of strings to store the words. How many arrays do you need? 3. You need to have two files for the words: Misspelled words and correct words. Minimum of the words in each array is 20. 4. Filling in you arrays by reading from the files 5. Use a variable to keep track of the score 6. The randomly selected word cannot be repeated. Therefore you need to keep track of the words already shown to the user. 7. Every ten games ask the user if they want to play or not 8. Use the scanner class to interact with the user. 9. Use the Random class to generate random numbers to picka word from the list. How many random numbers do you need? You need two random numbers but why? 10. Use while loop to repeat the game. Requirements: class will have the following methods: 1. Write a method for displaying the description of your program 2. Write a method for filling in the array from the files 3. Write a method called play 4. Write the algorithm for this program before start coding 5. Provide a description of your program 6. You must use methods in your program. 7. Appropriate identifier naming 8. Comments 9. Proper indentation 10. Follow the naming conventions This class calls the method play from the game class.

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