I’m having trouble with these problems..Explain please and show formulas
We've made it up to 1.10 more or less. There is a lot of additional material we've covered in the lecture folders as well. Remember that if you're not sure as to the structure of the class, make sure you're keeping up with the lectures. We explained things in the first couple of lecture recordings. 1.5 (24 pts) Consider 2 different processors P1, P2 executing the same instruction set. P1 has a 3.27 GHz clock rate and a CPI of 1.14. P2 has a 2.74 GHz clock rate and a CPI of 0.94. (4 pts) What's the performance of each processor expressed in instructions per a second (IPS)? Show the equations you used P1: P2: OP2 P1 Which processor has the highest performance? b. (4 pts) If the processors each execute a program in 12 16 seconds, find the number of cycles for each processor. Your answer should be in scientific notation, one non- zero digit to the left of the decimal, enough to the right to make the answer accurate, and multiplied by a power of 10. For example, 1.234 x 10° cycles P1: cycles P2: (4 pts) And now find the number of instructions executed in this time for each processor. Make sure you use enough digits of significance to uncover any c. difference; don 't let rounding make it look like they have run the same number if in fact they have not. instr P2: instr P1: For the next 2 parts, we discover we can reduce the execution time for each processor by 18% but it leads to an increase of 11% in the CPI for each processor. d. (4 pts) What is the new execution time for both processors? Always show your formulas. New execution time: (4 pts) What is the new CPI for each processor? e. P2 new CPI: P1 new CPI: f. (4 pts) Suppose we want to reduce the original 16 second execution time of each CPU by 15% without changing the CPI of either processor. Recalculate the clock rate (cycles/sec or GHz) that will be required to achieve this time reduction. We calculated the total instructions required to be processed above; that won't change. What's the new clock rate in a max of 4 digits of significance? P2: P1:

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