If a firm has many lines of business, which is most likely, focus on few most related lines of business. In writing the paper, try to focus on significant and recent strategic issues of the firm, using concepts and ideas . The following is the suggested structure and format of the paper.

Add a subtitle to reflect the main idea of your paper.

2. Introduction (1 page): a brief description of what the paper is about

3. The history of the firm and the nature of its business (3-4 pages): how and when the firm started, how horizontal and vertical extent of the firm evolved/changed over time (mergers? divestitures? Internal growth, etc.), what is the main line (or lines) of business? What are its main assets? Sources of its revenue? Its costs and profits? And so on.

4. Regulatory/legal environment in which the firm operates (1-2 page): is there any important regulatory restrictions on the business? If so what are they? How do they impinge on the operation of the firm?

5. Main rivals and the nature of competition (5 pages): who are the main rivals? " like Embraer , gulfstream " How do they compare with the firm in question in terms of strengths and weaknesses? Profitability? Potential entry?

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