i want you to answer pspise sumlation with hand writeing calculation

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EE 303 -Electronics II Term Project (Due on Saturday, May 11 2013 @18:00 by email) Notch Filter Design for ECG Acquisition Circuit In ECG (Electrocardiograph) acquisition circuit, a notch filter stage is implemented at the early stages of the amplifier system to prevent coupling and amplification of the supply nose. The notch filter eliminates only 50 and 60Hz frequencies and allows all the other frequencies to the next stage. The filter should provide the highest possible bandwidth to the signal. Project Statement: Design a high-Q active notch filter (of 4th-Order maximum) to notch 50 and 60 Hz frequencies. The filter can be designed by cascading several lowpass, highpass or notch filters (search for twin-T notch filter). Use opamp basic model in your spics simulation1. Your project report should include the following: 1. Project description. 2. Filter structure, design and specifications of each filter stage. 3. Brief hand calculation of the design. 4. Setting up your opamp model parameters. 5. Simulation of the opamp specifications. 6. Filter circuit simulation. 7. Screen shoots of Spice diagrams. 8. Screen shoots of Simulation output. Submit your report and simulation file using email subject: EE303-121 Project GOOD LUCK, 1 Use the provided model in page 2 of this project description.
Basic Op Amp Model * OPAMP MACRO MODEL, SINGLE-POLE * connections: non-inverting input * | inverting input * | | output * | | | .SUBCKT OPAMP1 1 2 6 * INPUT IMPEDANCE RIN 1 2 10MEG * DC GAIN=100K AND POLE1=100HZ * UNITY GAIN = DCGAIN X POLE1 = 10MHZ EGAIN 3 0 1 2 100K RP1 3 4 1K CP1 4 0 1.5915UF * OUTPUT BUFFER AND RESISTANCE EBUFFER 5 0 4 0 1 ROUT 5 6 10 .ENDS


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