i need this in simple java second pic is a how output supposed to look. thank you beforehand
ritea leor tec it Data Structures (CIs 2) M. Lowenthal ASSIGNMENT2-MORE BEVIEW This program assumes that a company has warehouses in 5 cites: New York, Los Angeles, Mami Houston, and Chicago. In each warehouse the company stocks three hems. A record contains the amourt of each Item aurrently in each warehouse. The record should contain an aray of 5 ware houses with the name of each warehouse and an amey of e 3 ems with the amount that is currently in stock in the warehouse. Initially the warehouses are empty. Read In a card containing read in cards which may be any one of two types: the three prices of the theee tems Then 1. Shipment carde contnining clty amt1 amt2 amt3 This data represents a shipment to a given city of amt1 of item1, amt2 of tem2 and amt3 of tem3. 2. Order cards containing C amt2 amt3 amt1 This data represents an order in a ghven aity of the respective amounts of the various tems. then print on the As each shipment card is read in, print it out, update the amounts in that warehouse and next line: amt3 city amt2 amt1 As each order card is read in, print it out. If there is enough in stock at that warehouse of each tem update the amounts. If there is not enough, search the other warehouses for the one which has the most of that partioular Item, ship the amount needed from one warehouse to the other, printing out: x of item y shipped from clty1 to city2 and city1 amti amt2 amt3 10 % extra is to be charged for any tern shipped from one city to another. If no single warehouse has enough extra to fill the order for a particular item, print out: Order Unfilled However any shipments of the previous items remain in effect In elther case print out the adjusted… clty amtt amt2 amt3 And if the order if filled print… Price of Order: Price Data Price 1 $2.00 Price 2-$7.00 Price 3-$8.50 New York S Miami Los Angeles Houston Chicago New York 23 25 1 S 25 25 13 30 40 100 42 10 S 19 23 0 S S Miami Los Angeles New York Houston Chicago New York Los Angeles Houston o New York Chicago New York 13 15 17 10 S 15 8 10 75 20 15 15 C 0 20 15 O 10 S 40 0 30 15 30 15 10 20 S 25 40 20 15 75 20 s Houston End of data w n 8 88o 8488 O o

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