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Case Study Analysis (CSF3003) Assessment Description and Requirements CLO1: Case Study 1 Ahmad lef home to study master and PhD in Australia. He has fees for the first semester only. After he arrived to Sydney and settled down, he start looking for a part-time job to save money for the next term. Ahmad has some experience on making coffee and that got him a job immediately in Starbucks coffee shop, a very will know place for everyone to get coffee. Ile can work 20 hours a weck and they pay him $40 per hour (triple pay during weekend). He is able to make 5000 a month A lot of customers make order and Ahmad has to prepare all orders quickly, because Customer cannot wait more than 5 minutes to get his coffee. Ahmad sometime mix things up because of large number of orders. For example he could make the same order twice or prepare different order (Ie. Cappuccino insead of latte). If the manager discover tha the cost will dcducted from his pay. If that happen a lot Ahmad wil be short for next term fees. He decided to hide all coffee prepared by mistake. If new order come asking for same coffee Ahmad will not prepare the order, instead give the customer one the hidden coffee made before some time (maximum 2 hours). just heat it in the microwave and give to the customer. Q1: How do you consider Ahmad actions in terms of Ethics and morals? His action consider as Vice which means unacceptable behavior and a habit which is regarded as a weakness in someone's character, but not usually as a serious fault and that is unacceptable because he is cheating the customer with a not fresh coffee and that's may cause an lose for the coffee shop because if the customer get a bad coffee every time he may stop coming to the coffee and buy from it. Also, he is cheating his manager by hiding this actions from him. Q2: What would you do if you were in Ahmad place? If I was in Ahmad's place I will tell my manager about my faults and I will apologize from him and let he make the decision to cut off my payment or not because the ethies says that the employee do something wrong he should tell his manager about it and let him take the right decision. Moreover, If I did something wrong during my job I wil try my best to fix it of not make it again and again it's not a shame to make faults but we should learn from our mistakes. CLO1: Case Study 2 Dr. Hadeel has been practicing dentistry in Al Fujaira area since 1989, and stil1 sees many of the same patients and families he has been seeing for years. His long-time patients enjoy seeing his friendly and familiar face every time they come in to visit. Dr. Hadeel believes that building trusting and loyal relationships with patients and families helps to make the dental experience much more pleasant and comforting. One of His patient came to him asking for sick leave letter, because she has an exam tomorrow at the university and did not prepare will. She has no dental problem at all. She came to him as her dentist long time ago and she trust him. Dr. Hadeel knows the patient very will and she is happy to write a fake letter. He thought that will not harm anyone and will make the patient happy 1.:. Q1: ITow do vou consider Dr. IIadeel actions in terms of Ethics and morals? Ethics is a system of moral principles. They affect how people make decisions and lead their lives what Dr.Iladeel has done is a illegally and against the work ethics. IIe is using his power of writing a sick leaves to a patient that has no health issuc on that day so she will get more days to study for the exam and a chance to score a high grades but the other students will do the exam in the sated day without any extension as the other student got. This action consider as Vice which mcans unacceptable behavior and a habit. Q2: What would you do if you were Dr. Hadeel? Having a loyalty and good relationship between the doctor and the patients is an important thing to do but the patient should not exploit this to his own benefits. If I was dr hadeel I will not accept and I will refuse to write a sick leave for a patient who didn't have a serious medical issue and want the sick leave only to delay the exam and have some extra days to study. This action effect the other students because they did not have extra days to study and this patient with the sick leave got more time to study and score better in the exam and this is not accepted action from Dr.hadeel. CLO2: Case Study 3 Fatmah is new graduated student from small village. Her family and everyone in the village respect her wish to be like her because she is religious and wear Islamie Hijab since she was 16 years old. After graduated in Security major from a well-known university, she decide to get new job to support her family and help her father to pay cducational fecs for two brothers and 1 sister She sent her CV to many companies without response. Six months later she got a reply from a bank and they ask her for interview, Afer the interview the bank decide to hire her with high . salary under one condition: “she has uncover her face and stop wearing Islamic Hijab”. Q1: Ethical dilemma: what do think that Falmah should do? Discuss you answer? Fatma is a Muslim lady from Muslim family which has traditions and should attach to this and refuse this job. According to the Utilitarian which is a theory in which the happiness of the greatest number of pcople in the socicty is considered the greatest good if fatma uncover her face and stop wearing Islamic hijab because with this behavior she wll get job with high salary and she will be happy and her family and no one will hurt And according to the Kanitianism- Immanucl Kant's theory states that the rightness or wrongness of actions does not depend on their consequences but on whether they fulfill our duty. Fatma will be doing something against her religious. Also, Social contract theory is the view that persons' moral and or political obligations are dependent upon a contract or agreement among them to form the society in which they live. If Fatma accept the job and she has uncover her face and stop wearing Islamic Hijab she will be wrong because this behavior against the law of an Islamic country We were unable to transcribe this imageCLO3: Case study 5 Sultan has started a new job in x.com company, which is field of IT Sector. The senior management in this company decided in the strategic plaming to cstablish a computer center that takes carc about all information related issucs. They assigned this (the establishment of computer center) task to Sultan. Regarding this case study, answer the following questions new and growing company in the * Q1: Which type of policy should sultan start with? Enterprise Information security policy Q2: What this policy should include? This policy is the most important security policy because its supports the mission, vision, and directions of an organization and its usually modified only if there is a change in strategic direction of the organization. Enterprise Information security policy is the guideline for development, implementation, and management of a sccurity program. Enterprise Information sccurity policy include strategic direction, scope, and tone for organization's sccurity cfforts and Assigns responsibilities for various areas of information security. Also its Guides development, implementation. and management requirements of information security program. enterprise information sccurity policy is the formulation and integration of rules that define certain levels of permissions for different users in order to protect the information contained within a network Q3: Give an example for the things that should be done as part of the Sultan's job. 1. Statement of Purpose 2. Information Security Elements 3. Need for Information Security 4. Responsibilities and Roles 5. Reference to Other Standards and Guidelines CLO3: Case study 6 Maryam is working in information center of one ministry. The manager of Maryam conducted a meeting to discuss some violation of internet usage policy from internal employees. In the meeting the manager was hesitating what they can do in order to solve these problems. According to the study of Maryam in the CSF3003 course, she learnt how to deal and address these types of issues. She proposed some helpful way to addresss the violation of internet usage policy. Regarding this case study, answer the following questions Q: Which type of poliey should Maryam will identify to address this issue? Issuc specific Sccurity Policy Q2: Explain the structure of the policy proposed my Maryam? The ISSP Provides detailed, targeted guidance. Protects organization from inefficiency and ambiguity, Protects organization from incfficiency and ambiguity and Covers the organization against liability for an employce's inappropriate or illegal system usc Q3: Can Maryam add some penalties and sanctions in the policy, Explain your answer by example? Yes she can put penalties and sanctions in the policy because ISSP policy is developed based on the guidelines set forth in the enterprise information security policy. These policies are created to address specific issues and provide instructions for employees to follow regarding the proper usage of technology. These policies must clearly spell out appropriate usage and leave no room for user error. Since technology moves so quickly within an organization, issue-specific security policies must be frequently reviewed For example, Maryam can add penalties and sanctions for any employee who has access to the internet using the company resources and use of personal equipment on company networks, use of photocopy equipment, and prohibitions against hacking CLO4: Case Study 7 Khalid is a first-year student in HCT. He is engineering student. During this semester and in one course, the teacher asked the students to prepare a report about the construction in UAF. Khalid was hesitated how he can preparc his report. IIc decided to scarch in the internet in order to find some useful information. During his research hew found some reports of another HCT students for the same course. He decided to mix two of them to prepare the report and to make i as his own work. Regarding this case study, answer the following questions ..* Q1: What type of intellectual property (IP) has Khalid violated, Explain it in detail. Intellectual Property Term used to describe works of the mind, Distinct and owned or created by a person or group. In this case Khalid has violated Copyright which means Copyright is a legal right, existing in many countries, that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to determine whether, and under what conditions, this original work may be used by others. Q2: What is the problem name in Khalid case? Explain this problem in detail? In Khalid case the problem is Plagiarism which mean Stealing someone's ideas or words and passing them off as one's own, Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions such as penalties, suspension, and even expulsion from school or work Q3: Explain how can the teacher fight this behavior of the students? 1- Help students understand what constitutes plagiarism and why they need to cite sources 2- Show students how to document Web pages. 3- Schedule major writing assignments in portions due over the course of the term. 4 Tell students that instructors are aware of Internet paper mills and plagiarism detection services 5 Incorporate detection into an antiplagiarism program 6 Show your students examples of plagiarism beyond just word-for-word plagiarism. CLO4: Case Study 8 John has been fired from a car factory in which he was working for 7 years. Afler three months, he found a new job in another car factory, which is competitor for the one he was working for in the past. In the new factory, and after the interview to know his qualifications, the manager of the factory decided to give him the same task that he was doing in the last job. Regarding this casc study, answer the following questions Q: If John decided to use the same documents he used for the last work, which IP right did he violate? Trade Secrets Q2: How can the old factory protect their work against any misbehaving from John side? Non-compete agreements, its Require employees not to work for competitors for a period of time. Q3: If you are an IP expert, what can you advice John to do? I will advise him to not share the previous work of his old company and to not share any secrets and to start a new work

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