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% l # e s t p a c 55 Day MasterCard m n m i i l i m i l l 111 r r MR FA LOPEZ RAMIREZ 2 CORELLA RD SUNSHINE WEST VIC 3020 Account Number Page 1 of 3 5163 2020 3356 0032 Due Date 29 Aug 13 Closing Balance 1,222.23 Minimum Payment Due 25.00 Amount Paid (Details on the reverse) IHIIIWB fill -+5163202033560032+ .X” (Ctii along 1his dotted line) For enquiries please call the Cards Customer Service Centre on 1300 651 089 (Sam -8pm, 7 days a week) or visit our internet site at westpac.com.aUi.Please check all entries on this statement and promptly inform the Bank of any possible error or unauthorised transaction. For payment methods please see reverse. ~ ‘ ——— . : _ Any statement entries for purchases or cash advances made in a foreign currency show the foreign currency transaction amount converted into Australian dollars by the applicable credit card scheme. Any applicable Westpac Foreign Transaction Fee (described below as “Foreign Transaction Fee”) charged is shown as a separate entry. Cardholder Name Account Number Customer Number Credit Limit Available Credit MR F A LOPEZ RAMIREZ 5163 2020 3356 0032 02398432 3,000 1,777.77 No. of D a y s in S t a t e m e n t C y c le Statement F r om Statement T o Minimum Payment Due Due Date 31 5 Jul 13 04 Aug 13 25.00 29 Aug 13 Opening B a l a n ce 1,362.64 Summary of Changes in Your Account S i n c e L a s t Statement From Your Opening Balance of We Deducted Payments and Other Credits And We Added To Arrive at Your Closing Balance of Past Due /Overlimit is Your Minimum Payment Including Past Due /Overlimit is New Purchases Cash Advances And Other Debits Fees, Government & Interest Charges 1,362.64 162.64-0.00 22.23 1,222.23 0.00 25.00 Minimum Repayment Warning: If you make only the minimum payment each month, you will pay more interest and it will take you longer to pay off your balance. For example: If you make no additional You will pay off the And you will end up charges using this card Closing Balance shown paying an…


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