I have a dictionary in Python that looks like this:

d = {'7373': ['Walter White', '52', 'Teacher'], '8274': ['Skyler White', '49', 'Author'], '9651': ['Jesse Pinkman', '27', 'Student'], '2213': ['Saul Goodman', '43', 'Lawyer'], '6666': ['Gus Fring', '54', 'Chicken Guy'], '8787': ['Kim Wexler', '36', 'Lawyer'], '9999': ['Tuco Salamanca', '53', 'Drug Lord']}

I need to iterate through each of the values and if they are the age, the second string in the list of values, change that from type str to int. I have tried iterating through d.values() and changing the value to ints using isdigit.(), but it gives me the error saying I can't use isdigit.() on list. I've tried separating the value tuples with split() and that isn't working either. Thank you!

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