I have 10 primary articles that pertain to my PICOT question "In low-risk laboring women between 39 and 41.6 weeks gestation, how does elective induction versus expectant management of labor impact neonatal admission into the intensive care unit after birth”? Each of the 10 articles pertains to the PICOT and although they have other outcomes the focus is strictly on NICU admission. I have a SAMPLE template "Table of Evidence", as well as 10 blank "Table of evidence" that I am requesting help to fill out (1 for each article). Rubric is attached. Please note that I have already completed this assignment, but have made some errors that I am hoping to fix before my final submission of this project.
Assignment Overview: The Table of Evidence should demonstrate that you are capable of evaluating and appraising the evidence gathered relative your selected clinical problem area, and providing a level of evidence rating based on the quality of each study or meta-analysis included. The primary focus of this assignment should be on critical appraisal of each article included in the body of evidence, and evaluating the level or strength of the evidence according to a recognized rating scale. The Table of Evidence must be in APA 6 th edition format and written in third person, using the templates provided on the Assignment 3 course page. The submission file should be a Word document, and should be named as LASTNAMETABLE.doc or .docx (for example, CHAPLINTABLE.docx). Include a title page that adheres to APA 6 th edition format and style. Your PICOT question should be introduced and discussed in paragraph form on the page that follows. This should not only include your PICOT question, but also should provide thorough descriptions of your population, intervention, comparison intervention, outcome, and timing. This section contains your operational definitions of the variables in the question. If you use definitions from the literature be sure to cite them. The Reference page should then follow, and must be in APA 6th edition format. Appendix A and Appendix B (if necessary) follow References. You may wish to add another Appendix that describes your evidence rating scheme

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